I am a certified mediator with the Pierce County Center for Dialog and Resolution. In that capacity, I have mediated a wide range of family cases, workplace mediations, landlord-tenant and small claims cases. At the Center I also coach mediators in a training program.

My belief is, that we as human beings are trying to do the best we can. Others may not understand our intentions and motivations, and we may not understand theirs. Conflict can arise when this happens, and I view this as an opportunity for growth. As a mediator, I facilitate the process of understanding and connection which can lead to healing and growth.

My approach is to create a safe space where each person can express their perspective, to translate what cannot be heard, and to support and guide the process of finding a space where people can meet beyond the ideas of right and wrong. I provide support by applying an open mind, listening skills, presence, and awareness of feelings and needs.

Over the past fifteen years my daily meditation practice, leading meditation groups, and raising children, has inspired me to commit to a deeper connection with myself and others. My skills and approaches have developed more deeply with fifteen years of workshops in Nonviolent Communication (NVC), personal development, meditation and mediation.