My passion is to help facilitate communication between parties, which allows resolution of issues in a safe, confidential manner that leads to a successful outcome.

Mediation provides an opportunity for parties to resolve concerns on different levels (emotional, financial, etc.) depending on the nature of the issue. By creating a safe space, parties can work together to reach agreements that reflect their underlying interests. In this way, creative resolutions can occur without the inherent costs associated with taking adversarial positions or litigation. Parties can achieve many non-monetary terms of resolution that fulfill their underlying interests and lead to more durable and satisfying outcomes.

My primary background is in employment and labor law with over 20 years of practice in those areas. This knowledge has positioned me to be effective as a mediator and facilitator. I have extensive experience in employment related mediation as well as interest-based negotiation. In addition, I have experience as an attorney with the US Department of Justice, Bankruptcy Court law clerk and as counsel for three Chapter 13 trustees. The latter positions have provided an in-depth knowledge of commercial, financial and bankruptcy issues and how to successfully resolve related concerns.

As a certified mediator with the Pierce County Center for Dialog and Resolution, I have mediated: family law cases, settlement conferences, small claims, probate, landlord/tenant and foreclosure matters. Areas of interest in mediation include; family law, employment disputes, workplace issues, bankruptcy matters, foreclosures and landlord tenant disputes.