For over 30 years I have been energized by and committed to promoting dialog and collaboration. I started my career providing community education and outreach on nutrition, HIV and other health issues, and leading programs to make health information available to communities with limited access to care. I worked on the US-Mexico border building binational efforts to address health issues shared by the two countries and worked with international health programs committed to sharing knowledge and building bridges across cultures. Later, I was lucky enough to receive training as a lawyer, learning invaluable skills in identifying issues, critical thinking and creative problem solving. 


While I am driven by justice and assuring people’s rights, my true passion lies in helping individuals and groups communicate, collaboratively solve problems and strengthen connections and relationships. I am a Certified Mediator with the Center for Dialog & Resolution in Pierce County, WA and with the Interlocal Conflict Resolution Group in King County, WA. In this role I have helped many hundreds of people have important conversations around family issues, work situations, neighborhood concerns, housing (foreclosure, landlord/tenant) and disputes brought to small claims court. I am also a Facilitator, working with groups to develop understanding, build teams and resolve issues that stand in the way of productivity and excellence, and a Conflict Coach, working with individuals to develop their skills and strategies for dealing with conflict. 


I am a compassionate listener and a creative strategist, skilled at diffusing conflict and promoting empathy. I look forward to helping people see the opportunity in disagreement and the potential in conflict. While it is hard work, having the important conversations in your life can be liberating and rewarding and make your life more manageable and enjoyable. Developing new ways to communicate can be life-changing.