I have over 25 years experience promoting community dialog and collaboration. For the past six years I have dedicated my time and talents to increased communication, creative problem solving and strengthening connections between people and groups. I am Certified Mediator, a Facilitator and a Conflict Coach. I interchangeably use these skills to help individuals and groups build relationships and resolve issues that are keeping them from achieving their full potential.

Since 2010 I have helped hundreds of people have important conversations around family issues, friendships, business and work relationships, living situations and community concerns. I am an excellent listener and a creative strategist. I know how to diffuse conflict and encourage empathy.

Background & Credentials:

Originally trained in community outreach and health promotion, I led local and bi-national programs in Southern California and Mexico to bring communities together around health and disease prevention. I then lived in Washington DC for eight years, where I worked in international health and earned a law degree at American University. In 2005 I came to the Seattle area and focused my efforts on health policy. I was trained as a mediator in 2006 and renewed my passion for bringing people together to address challenges and develop solutions. Since 2010 I have dedicated my time to helping individuals and groups resolve difference, build bridges and develop creative strategies for moving forward.

I am a certified mediator with the Center for Dialog & Resolution in Pierce County and with the Interlocal Conflict Resolution Group in King County. I have mediated issues involving: parenting, parent-teen, dissolution, contracts, foreclosure, employment and small claims. I have also trained mediators, housing specialists and others in communication skills to increase dialog and empower people in difficult situations. I have facilitated diverse groups to air and diffuse conflict, build empathy and find common goals.