Where you live and who you live with are important. Having a comfortable, safe and enjoyable place to call home impacts all other aspects of your life. Often achieving this takes work and a willingness to have difficult conversations. Conversations that establish goals, set boundaries and address mutual respect. Conversations that include money, other resources and shared responsibilities.

I can help you have these conversations with: Landlords; Tenants; Roommates; Housemates; Family and extended family; Friends.


  • Rent, rules and repairs
  • Sharing space and resources
  • Negotiating responsibilities and contributions
  • Maintaining relationships


  • Share your strengths and your challenges
  • Be willing to “think outside the box” and come up with creative solutions
  • Be honest about your needs and what you can do to meet the needs of others
  • Make commitments and stick with them

My Process

  • You will identify who needs to be at the table to reach resolution
  • I will help you reach out to those people and invite them to have a conversation. Multiparty conversations may be useful. Advocates, support people and professionals are welcome.
  • I will create a safe space for a meeting
  • We will bring everyone together to discuss the current situation and explore creative solutions – short term and long term
  • Solutions will be documented