We all have neighbors and communities. While we may define them differently, they are important parts of our lives and shape how we interact with those around us. Ideally these are positive and supportive interactions. Sometimes they are not.

We believe that open and respectful dialog can help people find ways to live together in enjoyable and meaningful ways. By truly listening to one another we can identify and address our separate and shared needs and build bridges to accomplish shared goals and aspirations.


  • You and your neighbor disagree about property lines, fences, noise, pets, children . . .
  • A group of neighbors has a plan for the neighborhood that you don’t agree with
  • Your neighborhood or community needs to come together to address an issue such as noise, crime, trash . . .
  • Community groups have different visions for improving your community


  • Understand the needs and perspectives of others and be sure they understand yours
  • Identify common interests and goals
  • Agree to respect differences
  • Build on the diversity of talents and resources around the table to come up with creative and enduring plans, projects and agreements


  • Our mediators will meet with you and other individuals and/or groups to understand the issue(s) you are facing and your ideas for resolution
  • Working together we will design a process for bringing together all those who are interested and involved
  • We will structure this process in ways that encourage listening, mutual respect and action, setting timelines for reaching goals and achieving outcomes
  • Our mediators can lead the process or provide tools and support to others who want to take a leadership role